Tzec Maun Project Images and Teaching Page
The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) as seen from Pingelly W. AUS
on 27 Nov 09:  FSQ-106/STL11Kc/Paramount ME/600s x 2/ using
Tzec Maun
The Andromeda Galaxy  as seen from Mayhill, NM 24-25 Sept 08 :  
FSQ-106/STL11K/Paramount ME/L30, RGB20 ea using Tzec Maun
The LMC and Andromeda Galaxy - DISTANCE is the key to understanding.
The LMC on the left above is approximately 179,000 Light Years away from Earth
Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to Earth, is approximately 2,900,000 Light Years from Earth
Below and to the right of the Andromeda image you can see a small, blurry object.  This object was discovered by Charles Messier in 1773 and is being
gravitationally drawn into its massive Andromedan host.  In almost the same way, the LMC is being gravitationally drawn into our own home, the Milky Way
Galaxy.  The Whole Shebang (pardon me Brian Greene) is being gravitationally drawn into Andromeda
Here's an article I wrote for the
Texas Astronomical Society of
Dallas  about purchasing a
telescope "mount" for your
M51/NGC5194 captured
remotely at Tzec Maun
observatory in Mayhill, NM using
AP206mm refractor SBIG
STL-11000 on Paramount ME
through LRGB filters. Total time
155 minutes Images assembled in
MaxIM DL, post processed in
Photoshop CS2. (c)2011 Max
From 22 FEB 13 in Rockwall, TX: Coronado PST on dual saddle plate with ETX-125 with Orion Type 2+ glass
solar filter. This setup allows students to observe the Sun in white light and H-Alpha nearly simultaneously. Students
can sketch a multi-wavelength image of the Sun this way. The telescopes are nicely balanced and the PST retains its
white Solar Shade to allow observers to view the Sun without being affected by glare.
FOV from QHY8L and AT-6 Astrograph 39.4' x 59.3'