Our 2010 OshKosh Experimental Aircraft
Association AirVenture in Words and Pictures
This is our story: Freedom is neither free nor guaranteed in life and neither are success, happiness or clear skies.  However, we
six Americans living in Texas were lucky, really lucky to be together for one glorious weekend when we could share it all at once,
up and down our great nation's borders from Texas to Oshkosh! Jim, Dave, Max, Matt, Kerey and Logan.
Above: Jim said to meet at 10:30 and as promised, our steed was
ready at the chocks with a bag-o gas awaiting her men to arrive and
begin the journey.
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Our first stop was at SkyDive Kansas
Osage County airport in Kansas.  
The Owner/Janitor is a spry young fillie
Jen Sharp. Jen is our best buddy
for hooking us up with some sweet
AvGas and great sounds of aviation.  
She seems to surround herself with
good looking cars, lots of parachutes
and people who like to jump Thanks
Below: Departing Osage, we headed straight for Madison to avoid the
"aeronautical crush" at Wittman Regional Airport, which boasts the
"world's busiest" ATC tower during the AirVenture.  In the process, we
danced just a little bit thanks to Jim's precision nav and flying skills.
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Greatest Airshow
Let the AirVenture Begin!!!
The day dawned...umm,  not so clear and it was not a VFR morning and we were thanful for
having tied down at Madison.  For those unaware, instrument arrivals are pretty much a
"no-go" at Wittman during the AirVenture and pilots who fly in must learn the world's most
complex NOTAM, a 32-page "how to" jam as many airplanes as possible into the smallest
space imaginable.
One of our missions at OshKosh was to contribute to
the aeronautical trust that may one day evolve from
Logan's life. Some would say that we contributed to
the delinquency of a minor but you, the viewer must
decide for yourself.  Enjoy  the history of his first
helicopter flight.   Note the ear-to-ear grin immediately
after his brief, five-minute flight in the image on the  
Inside the Show
Once inside the AirVenture, our intrepid voyagers split up  to avoid, capture, redundancy, and to maximize post-mission story-telling value.
I'll go first...after about two hours of walking
around, my lower back pain was agonizing so I
pulled up a section of the finest Wisconsin turf at
what the magical place called "Show Center".  Hat
over face, I slept for an indeterminate time.  
However when I awoke, a DC-3 had backed right
in front of me and a rather "bearish" Russian
woman chose the same relaxation tactic as me.  
Story #1
Does anyone else find this picture disturbing?
Sikorsky Skycrane owned by Erickson Aviation now bombs fires.
This plane was in the movie
This might be the Goodyear Blimp
When I woke up, the Duggy plane had pushed back in front of me, the jumpers were loading and a ton of people had surrounded me
This is the empty field where I got horizontal...it was empty
C-17 from short takeoff to touchdown....note that the
photo on right captures instant "tire smoke" on contact
The Duggy Bird released flag jumpers...I was crying too much to take pics
I've always wanted to own a
Coming Soon.....MORE on the OV-1D
MOHAWK! in Action at OshKosh 2010